Sustainable Communities 

We are passionate about creating a school environment that is deeply intertwined with our greater community. We continuously bring the world into our classrooms to help children forge meaningful connections individually and with their peers, while at the same time making a commitment to get out of the classroom and into the world itself.

Farm & Garden

In collaboration with our community partner Farmster, Rainbow Bridge children get a glimpse of farm life and learn about sustainable food production through a unique “internship” at city-owned Veronda-Falletti Farm, located across the street from the Cotati City Administrative Offices. Our work includes gardening, caring for ranch animals, and any other age-appropriate responsibilities as required by the farm itself. Subsequently, our work at the farm serves as the basis for further academic exploration at school.

Our partnership with Veronda-Falletti continues to deepen! We are the proud recipients of a mini-grant from the Sonoma First Five Commission towards the construction of an Outdoor Classroom at the Ranch. This effort coincides beautifully with plans by the City of Cotati to renovate the historic farmhouse and water tower. The end result will be a family friendly space for educational and recreational programs. We are SO incredibly proud to help facilitate the creation of this wonderful community space.

Ecology & Environment

Primary 2nd and 3rd year students who are developmentally ready to participate in off-site research take walking field trips to explore local ecological sites of importance. So many of these sites are within minutes of our school, hiding in plain sight! For example, a group of children may visit local vernal pools to learn about the unique species that live only there, or take part in photo-documentation project of a specific stretch of Cotati’s own Laguna de Santa Rosa.